THVL (Vietnam)

THVL is the abbreviation of Truyen Hinh Vinh Long (in Vietnamese). It means Vinh Long Television Station.Vinh Long is one of the 13 provinces and cities in Mekong River Delta. The Station broadcasts the local news and the entertainment programs such as: films, gameshows, musics .... 24 hours a day on two channels: 8 VHF and 31 UHF. This is the best television station in Mekong River delta with over 15 million viewers of the region. Besides, people in Ho Chi Minh city and the South West also can watch Vinhlong television programs through Saigontourist Cable Television Company channel system(SCTV). The official website of Vinhlong Television Station ( has been in active since June 21, 2007. In the future, the Vinhlong Television Online will be in active next year.
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